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writing my way into the middle (or muddle) of life

 - writing my way into the middle  (or muddle) of life

Don’t worry about it too much: Aubrey, Drake, and Dennis

As I am reading what eventually became this post about Aubrey Graham’s Drake impersonation, I feel some kind of way about it, but I’m not sure what that way is. I’m not a big Drake fan, so I don’t have the necessary context to read and give feedback like I want. Like the researcher I am, I reprogram my Spotify to do all Drake everything and prepare to cleanse my ear soul afterwards.

Cars. Money. Weed. Women. If you are only surface listening, only the requisite hip-hop male ethos is present in Drake’s albums. And surface listening to all Drake everything yields his rise in the rap game by way of the South, Young Money, and his plans to father Halle Berry’s next child.
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